Stepping in to a new way of life

Stepping in to a new way of life
For many of us Covid has bought a mixed bag of good and bad.
The good for me has meant "TIME".  Something I'm always wishing I had more of. It's  meant I've been able to reorganise, repaint and more importantly find lots more goodies for the shop.
So as we move on you'll start to see these lovely new goodies that I've been buying coming into the shop.  
Going forwards my objective this year is to put as much of the goodies you see in the shop onto my website. So if you do pop into the shop, get home and wish you'd bought something you'll be able to find it on the website. This in itself is quite a big job and is a work in progress. So for now if you can't find it on the website please please do give me a buzz and I'll help you.
Happy February

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